Prosperity Capital Advisors

Why work with Prosperity Capital Advisors?

Prosperity Capital Advisors is committed to creating value for the advisors and investors it serves.

1. We provide accessible, holistic financial planning solutions to American families.

A holistic plan is an all-inclusive plan where your investments, insurance, taxes, and legal documents are coordinated with the same goal in mind. While the ultra-high-net-worth investors have had this benefit for years, the majority of Americans haven’t had this same level of service, and they are the ones that need a holistic plan the most. Without one, they could be at risk for running out of money in retirement. As an organization, we’re committed to looking at the big financial picture and providing congruent and holistic services.

2. We utilize The Bucket Plan® Planning Process to maximize the growth, longevity, and distribution of assets for income in retirement.

The Bucket Plan Planning Process is a simplified income planning experience that focuses on turning accumulated assets into tax-efficient income sources for the now, soon, and later years of retirement. The goal of this three-bucket approach is to provide for stable income sources for the first years of retirement; conservative growth and protection from market volatility and inflation in the next phase of retirement; and long-term growth and legacy planning for the later years. Each time-oriented bucket is comprised of tax-efficient financial solutions to help maximize the output of assets while trying to preserve account value for the long-term.

3. We are a planning-first RIA that leads with a result-driven financial plan rather than selling products or portfolios.

PCA leads with the plan, not product. We believe that financial products and portfolios are used solely as instruments to help investors obtain their overall financial goals and objectives. With the countless financial products and vehicles that are available in the marketplace today, only a cohesive financial plan can work to identify gaps and inefficiencies in order to provide accurate product and portfolio recommendations. For these reasons, financial planning is the foundational service that Prosperity Capital Advisors provides.

4. We maintain an evidence based active management philosophy for all recommendations.

At Prosperity Capital Advisors, we don’t speculate which way the markets will go. We let historical data and Nobel Prize-winning academic research guide our strategy. While there are many things that cannot be controlled when it comes to investing, there is evidence illustrating that certain strategies have been proven to be more effective over time1. That evidence is the premise of our evidence based active management philosophy, and each of our portfolio models is developed with this evidence in mind.

5. We work to simplify the investment process for advisors and investors alike.

We utilize technology for real-time account status to provide holistic financial planning capabilities accounting for all relevant areas of your financial plan. We offer a simplified planning process for income distribution in retirement, volatility management profiling techniques and correlating portfolio models, and more. We’ve structured our organization and offerings to simplify the financial lives of the people we serve.

Ready to move forward? If you’re an investor, connect with a Prosperity Capital Advisor now. If you’re an advisor, learn more about how to become a holistic PCA advisor today.

1 Past performance is no guarantee of future performance