Prosperity Capital Advisors

About Prosperity Capital Advisors

Prosperity Capital Advisors (PCA) is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) founded in 2011 to address the biggest flaw of the financial services industry.

Inherently, financial services professionals sell financial products. Brokers sell investment products, insurance agents sell policies, attorneys sell legal documents, CPAs sell tax returns, and similar services, without any coordination on behalf of the client. We noticed that this silo-approach can expose the American consumer to risks including gaps in services, overlaps, tax inefficiencies, unnecessary fees, and an underperforming long-term financial plan. With a founding principle of leading with a financial plan, not a product, Prosperity Capital Advisors works to identify and develop congruent financial plans that consider all the areas of an individual’s financial life.

Holistic Advisors

Prosperity Capital Advisors is a planning-first investment adviser whose mission is to support truly holistic financial planning, where investments, insurance, tax and legacy-planning goals are all strategically coordinated and aligned.

We work with a select number of independent financial advisors across the country, providing training, case design, back-office support, and ongoing coaching, as they work to build holistic financial plans for American families coast-to-coast.